1969 Let it Bleed- This is disputably the greatest Rolling Stones album ever. Difficult to detect even a single weak moment on the entire Jimmy Miller production. The group’s moment of true brilliance is captured expertly by Miller on the album’s opener Gimme Shelter, as well as in the taunting blues of Midnight Rambler, and the first released (non-shared) Richards lead vocal track You Got the Silver. Despite Brian Jones having long since detached himself from the group, he does appear on the album beside newly-acquired guitarist Mick Taylor, though the sessions were separated by many months. Honky Tonk Women, an homage to Hank Williams which appeared in alternate form on this album, would have suited Jones’ blues feel which Taylor expertly performs in his absence. Providing music for a great many number of films to this day, virtually all of the selections found here are quite worthy of such attention. Check out the Layla-like closing to Monkey Man. Though some may argue that the live version of Midnight Rambler [from Ya-Ya's] outperforms the original, there is little doubt that You Can't Always Get What You Want has never been improved upon. During a turbulent period within the Stones as well as around the globe, this album provided the most appropriate soundtrack to the decade which was about to violently end.

Origin RELEASE HCP LABEL CAT No. SALES Select Feature(s)
U.K. 1969, Dec. 5 #1 Decca SKL/LK/5025 300,000+ 1st with Mick Taylor
U.S. 1969, Nov. 29 #3 London NPS-4 2,000,000+ 1st stereo-only U.S. release

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Mick Jagger (b. July 26, 1943).
Brian Jones
(b. February 28, 1942 - d. July 3, 1969).
Keith Richards
(b. December 18, 1943).
Charlie Watts
(b. June 2, 1941).
Bill Wyman
(b. October 24, 1936).
Ian Stewart
(b. July 18, 1938 - d. December 12, 1985).
Mick Taylor
(b. January 17, 1948).
Ron Wood
(b. June 1, 1947).
Bobby Keys
(b. December 18, 1943).
Chuck Leavell (b. April 28, 1952).
Darryl Jones
(b. December 11, 1961).
Dick Taylor
(b. January 28, 1943).


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