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Soundtrack / Cast / Score LPs

10-021 Soundtrack Animal House [MCA Sam Cooke/John Belushi MCA-1692] 1978 vg+ nm   $4.00
7-074 Soundtrack Annie [gatefold jacket Columbia JS 38000] 1982 vg+ vg+   $3.00
105-62 Soundtrack Batman Forever [*white label promo* Flaming Lips/Method Man/Offspring] 1995   nm white jacket $9.50
16-059 Midler, Bette Beaches Soundtrack [Atlantic 81933] 1988 nm- nm   $3.00
13-036 Soundtrack Beverly Hills Cop [Glenn Frey/Pointer Sisters/Patti LaBelle MCA-5553] 1984 nm nm-   $4.00
11-044 Soundtrack Beverly Hills Cop [Glenn Frey/Pointer Sisters/Patti LaBelle MCA-5553] 1984 nm vg+   $3.00
13-039 Soundtrack The Big Chill [Gaye/Temptations/Miracles/Rascals Motown 60062ML] 1983 nm- vg+   $2.00
13-053 Soundtrack Black and White in Color [Buddah 5698-ST cc] 1977 vg- vg+ Academy Award® winner $6.00
17-027 Soundtrack Selections Brigadoon [MGM E3135] 1954 vg vg   $3.00
8-030 Mahal, Taj Brothers [WB BS 3024 w/promo sticker] 1977 vg vg+   $4.00
16-033 Bacharach, Burt Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid Score [A&M SP 4227] 1969 vg+ nm   $6.00
101-30 Original Cast Bye Bye Birdie [gatefold jacket Paul Lynde, Dick Gautier, Kay Medford Columbia KOS 2025] 1960 nm- nm-   $15.00
11-064 Original Broadway Cast Camelot [gatefold jacket KOS 5620 Burton/Andrews] 1960 vg+ vg+   $6.00
17-038 Soundtrack Carousel [Shirley Jones/Gordon MacRae/Cameron Mitchell Capitol SW694] 1962 nm nm- 1st pressing $6.00
15-078 Sountrack Colors [Ice T/Big Daddy Kane/Salt-N-Pepa] 1988 vg nm-   $4.00
11-057 Soundtrack Funny Girl [Columbia 3220 Barbra Streisand/Omar Sharif] 1970 vg- vg+   $2.00
11-045 Soundtrack Funny Lady [gatefold jacket Barbra Streisand/James Caan Arista AL 9004] 1975 vg+ nm-   $3.00
7-068 Original Broadway Cast Hair [RCA Victor LSO-1150] 1968 vg vg   $3.00
15-032 Diamond, Neil The Jazz Singer [gatefold jacket EMI SWAV-12120] 1980 vg+ vg+   $3.00
103-43 Soundtrack Juius Caesar [MGM E3033 Brando/Gielgud/Mason/Kerr] 1954 vg- vg rare $7.50
9-036 Soundtrack La Bamba [Los Lobos/Setzer/Crenshaw/Bo Diddley Slash 25605 BMG Club edition] 1987 nm nm   $3.00
14-071 Soundtrack La Bamba [Los Lobos/Setzer/Crenshaw/Bo Diddley Slash 25605] 1987 vg+ nm   $2.00
16-068 TV Soundtrack Miami Vice [Glenn Frey/Chaka Kahn/Tina Turner/Phil Collins MCA-6150] 1985 vg+ vg+   $3.00
9-049 Soundtrack More Dirty Dancing [Valli/Drifters/Reddding/Surfaris] 1988 vg+ nm   $2.00
13-069 Soundtrack Pretty In Pink [A&M SP-3901 woc] 1986 vg nm-   $2.00
16-078 Conti, Bill Rocky Score [UA-LA693-G] 1976 vg- vg+ double inner sleeve error $2.00
15-041 Score Rocky III [Survivor/Stallone/Conti] 1982 vg nm-   $2.00
15-039 Midler, Bette The Rose Soundtrack [Atlantic SD 16010] 1979 vg+ nm-   $3.00
16-067 Soundtrack Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [2LP textured jacket Frampton/Bee Gees/Aerosmith RSO 4100] 1978 vg+ nm-   $4.00
101-49 Soundtrack Show Boat [John Raitt, Barbara Cook, William Warfield Columbia OS 2220] 1962 nm m disc is still sealed $12.00
11-068 Soundtrack Show Boat/Annie get Your Gun [2LP MGM 2-SES-42-ST pss] 1973 vg nm rare limited edition $5.00
105-56 Soundtrack Times Square [2LP Cure/Ramones/Talking Heads/Pretenders/Lou Reed cc] 1980 vg vg/vg+   $7.50
18-069 Jackson, Joe Tucker Soundtrack [A&M SP 3917] 1988 vg+ nm-   $2.00
14-049 Soundtrack Urban Cowboy [2LP Buffett/Eagles/Charlie Daniels Asylum DP-90002] 1980 vg- vg+   $2.00
16-032 Theodorakis, Mikis Zorba The Greek Soundtrack [20th Century S 4167 RCA Club edition] 1965 vg- vg+   $3.00

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Soundtracks / Original Cast / Scores titles at 99˘ or less:

Order# ARTIST TITLE YEAR Ratings (Cvr Disc) PRICE

24-047 Score Almost Summer [Brian Wilson/Jardine/Love MCA-3037] 1978 vg- vg+ $0.75
24-050 Vangelis Chariots Of Fire Soundtrack [Polydor PD-1-6335] 1981 vg- vg+ ex. pro'd by Dodi Fayed $0.75
21-098 Soundtrack Flashdance [Irene Cara/Laura Branigan/Donna Summer] 1983 vg nm- $0.99
21-099 Soundtrack Footloose [w/lyric sleeve Loggins/Reno/Tyler/Hagar] 1984 vg vg+ $0.99
22-061 Soundtrack Jeremy [UA-LA-145-G 1973 vg vg+ $0.99
22-106 Denver, John Sunshine [TV Soundtrack] 1973 vg vg+ $0.99
23-092 Soundtrack Vision Quest [Madonna/Journey/Foreigner Geffen GHS 24063 E] 1985 vg nm- $0.99

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